Saturday, April 10, 2021

Diversifying Our Literature with Children’s Lit World, Ep. 54 Buzzing with Ms. B: The Coaching Podcast

Including diverse books in your classroom library is important but challenging work. Alyssa Benavides LeClaire from Children’s Lit World joins me to discuss how to select inclusive books your students will love. Learn why it’s necessary to have texts, graphic novels, and picture books that show multiple facets of identity. Listen to find out her favorite books, authors, and publishers.

It can be challenging to include diverse literature in our classroom libraries, but it's essential work. Students need to see all the facets of their identity represented in books and other resources.

Alyssa Benavides LeClaire of Children’s Lit World joins me to talk about diversifying our classroom materials. 

We discuss what inclusive literature is and tips for how to choose books. She explains critical literacy and how it helps the reader claim more power.

Listen to learn why Own Voices books are more accurate, authentic, and real. Find out how to balance books about struggle and resistance with those about joy. This episode is packed with information that will help you create a more inclusive classroom library.

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