Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Wordless Christmas Picture Linky Party!

I feel like I'm not allowed to use words to tell you this, but I'm linking up with Teaching in the Tongass for a Wordless Christmas Picture Linky Party! I'm a few days late, but it's not the new year yet!

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Monday, December 30, 2013

Candid videos: Coming out of the sedative!

Ahh, winter break. A time of baking cookies and wrapping presents. Driving around looking at Christmas lights, and cozying up with a mug of hot chocolate. Being sedated and having your wisdom teeth ripped out of your face.

Yes! I know! Why would I schedule my wisdom teeth removal for my winter break?! Because starting in January, my insurance is changing, and this oral surgeon wouldn't be accepting my insurance anymore. I'd already gone through the referral process and been to the consultation, and my teeth were hurting every day. I couldn't wait any longer. So I did it.

Please keep in mind that while I'm writing this, I'm doped up on a lot of stuff. Like, a lot. Like, I have had to backspace for every word of this entry because my fingers are all moving at different speeds. My brain's a little fuzzy and I'm having a hard time writing things that make sense.
I was awfully nervous on the way there, but I knew I had to go. There wasn't really any alternative - they had to come out! So on the 27th of December, the hunnybun drove me across town to the oral surgeon's and we waited in the waiting room. I said a little prayer and I tried to think about how much better my teeth would feel a week later. (And that I probably wouldn't die because I was so scared of it and I feel like that's gonna come out of nowhere.)

Finally, they called me in and hooked me up. The doctor said, "In about thirty seconds, you'll be feeling pret-ty good." 

I said, "Yay."

And then I got very dizzy and remembered nothing. The next thing I can recall is the nurse helping my off of my chair. I kind of wanted to slide down it and just stand up at the end, but she made me put both of my legs on the same side and stand up that way. I guess she's right, it's probably safer.

So they called my hunnybun in and he helped me out the back door (yes, they send all the doped-up toothless wonders like me out the back door so as not to terrify the other patients with my puffy face) and he put me in the car. I don't actually remember this, you know.

He has helped me remember a lot of things I would've forgotten. He says that, as soon as he walked in the door, mumbled, "Yeah!" and I waved my arms around like a dancing rapper, demanding that he give me a high-five because I was so proud of myself. That's when he realized... he should be filming.
And the next three videos are the result of this realization.

When I saw these videos, I laughed so hard my face hurt. Of course, my face already hurt, but it got worse. I sound incredibly drunk, but I swear I'm not. I'm hiccuping uncontrollably, presumably from the sedative.

So I hope that's added to your holiday enjoyment. 
I can't decide if I should be embarrassed by these (I probably should) or if I should just accept that this is my true self, exposed to the world, and I should be fine with it. 

P.S. I have no idea what "ground beef chicken broth" is. But I clearly intended to have some.
I have to get back to drooling and binge-watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia now.
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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Hang Up the Holly!

Christmas is my favorite favorite favorite time of year. 
I eat anything with a "Christmas" wrapper - or even if it's just red and green.
I carry my shopping list with me everywhere I go, hunting for gifts.
I am a sucker for old-fashioned decorations.
I love Christmas. So when Christina Bainbridge at Bunting, Books, and Bainbridge  told us about her Fa-la-la-la-la-Show off your house! Linky Party, I was like, "YES! Finally!"
Much like Christina Bainbridge's husband, my husband says, "Santa threw up on my house," every year. But this year, I guess I've finally grown on him and he's actually kind of excited. This is how I did it.
At the store, I'll hold up two Christmas decorations I like. Either one will work for me. It's either one star or the other. But I'll ask him, "Which one do YOU like, hun?" and he'll choose.
Later, when I put the decoration up, I'll say, "Look, hun! It's the star you liked!" Over time, the house has become more and more full of decorations that he chose. And now he likes our decorations. So ha!
I've got him hanging lights outside and putting up the inflatables he bought and the lights he wanted so that will have to come another day. But I've had the inside of the house decorated since last week, so Fa-la-la-la-la-Here's my house! (I'm sorry for having eight million pictures. I love love love love to decorate for Christmas. Thank you for forgiving me.)

The entry to the den - this garland is so old lol. Next year, I might make something new!

I bought this adorable banner in London on our honeymoon! I couldn't wait to get home and hang it up... but it was only October. I finally get to use it!

Nowhere is safe. It's Christmas on the bookshelves! The adorable snowglobe was a gift from one of my kids a few years ago.

Not the best picture, but snowmen are hangin' out on the windowsill.

Christmas in the kitchen! I won this little sign a few years ago at our faculty Christmas luncheon!

I really like little Christmas trees. And in the middle is an old-fashioned sled.

My Christmas village on top of the record player!

And this is our tree! It's silver and blue, mostly.

These two items were chosen by the hunny - the star and the blue ornaments with swirls. Awww, he loves Christmas.


This one's for the hunnybun - gotta have some love for him on the tree.

We love the Beatles!

Put a bird on it! I love bird ornaments!

These pale green ornaments are fairly-old. I think they were my Grandma's. 

Wreath on the back of the front door. It needs a little love, but I've had it for a long time, so I can't NOT put it up!


We don't have a fireplace :( so we make do with our old buffet in the dining room!

The top is full of some of my favorite Christmas things! I really love old-fashioned trees.

The hunny bought this table runner, too!

Just bought this snowglobe - LOVE it!

This is my teacher tree! All my little teacher ornaments are on this tree. It's nice to remember all the kids and people who gave them to me!

A visitor in the dining room...

Here's the whole room!

And here's a very special Christmas decoration - the Christmas kitty.

Happy Christmas! Go link up at Books, Bunting, and Bainbridge, or check out all the other Christmas Houses linked up already!
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