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As an instructional coach for my K-5 elementary campus, I frequently provide training in the areas of literacy and instructional strategies. Below are several of the trainings I have planned and delivered for my school and others, and a few free training tools in case you're planning your own training! For training requests, please contact me at cbeltranphes@yahoo.com.

https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Teaching-Reading-by-Genre-A-Teachers-Guide-Materials-1927458Teaching Reading by Genre

Genre study is an incredible experience for teachers and students alike. In Texas, our state standards reflect the importance of understanding and navigating texts of different genres. During this training, teachers learn about the important elements and structures of each genre, as well as strategies to engage students in authentic reading and response to literature.

https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Rolling-Out-Readers-Workshop-Complete-Pack-765756 Reader's Workshop: A Reading Framework

This training focuses on the different components in an effective reading program, and how to roll them out with students. The purpose and procedures for each component, including shared reading, read aloud, word study, and independent reading are introduced and practiced with teachers.

Guided Reading: Planning & Delivering Thoughtful Lessons

Teachers learn how to plan guided reading lessons around the needs of their students, addressing decoding and comprehension skills, and prompt students to add new reading strategies to their repertoire.
Free Training Tool: Guided Reading Freebie
Training Presentation: Guided Reading Presentation for Elementary Schools


 Writing Modes: Narrative & Expository

In this training, teachers analyzed samples of narrative and expository compositions to determine the characteristics of each. We connected this to the rubric for each of these modes and then used this sorting activity to distinguish between the genres and solidify teacher thinking.

Free Training Tool: Narrative/Expository Characteristic Sort


The Writing Process for narrative writing

During this interactive training, teachers learn about the stages in the writing process and take a piece of their own narrative writing from generating ideas through revision. Teachers benefit from producing their own writing by experiencing what we are asking students to do every day.

 The Writing Process for expository writing

Expository writing is best produced when following the writing process, but many teachers are uncomfortable using the writing process in this genre. This training takes teachers through the writing process by creating their own narrative piece, from generating ideas through revision.


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