Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Five ways to use would you rather questions in the classroom

When I was in high school, one of my friends was an absolute genius at coming up with clever would you rather questions. Some of them were honestly hard to answer and I still remember how much we cracked up when he'd share his newest ideas. 
When virtual learning was in full swing, I wanted to create something to help teachers chat with their kids, get input from them, and have fun, without it being stressful. 
So I created these Would You Rather slides for kids!  

Since then, I've heard from so many teachers about how they've used the slides in their virtual and in-person classrooms that I had to share!
These slides are perfect for classrooms where the learning situation is what administrators like to call "fluid", meaning no one knows from one day to the next what's going on, and you could be learning all together in one space one day, and doing virtual learning and virtual teaching the next!
The slides include...
  • hand gestures to make responding easy in virtual situations 
  • a Google Slides version that includes a space to type in their response
  • picture support for younger or ELL students, plus it's just fun to have pictures on each slide!
  • a variety of topics including school, home life, hobbies and interests, food, and more!
  • Google Slides, Keynote, and PowerPoint versions

Here are my favorite teacher-created ways to use these slides!

#5 Icebreakers or Morning Meeting activities
Many school districts have been encouraging teachers to teach Social Emotional Learning (SEL) lessons as part of their curriculum. We need to help students learn how to speak up and share what they are feeling. This activity is perfect to use as an icebreaker before jumping into whatever the topic of the day's morning meeting is! 

The topics are accessible and there is picture support for each choice. Students who are nonverbal or who are communicating via technology can use hand signals to show their choice! You can also have students move to one side or the other of the classroom to show their choice.
Getting to know you activities are so helpful, even beyond the beginning of the year. This is an easy way to get to know your students and fro them to get to know each other that they'll actually enjoy, and it works for in-person OR virtual learning! It only takes a few minutes and you get a lot of information from it! Plus it's a fun way to build community!

#4  End of class or end of day wrap up activity
Need to keep the kids engaged and thinking while you get home folders or end of day stuff ready? Slap up one of these slides and get the kids talking with their neighbor about something fun!

#3 An engaging activity for opinion or persuasive writing
A huge component of teaching writing is teaching students to give evidence for their responses. By having students justify why they rather be a superhero or have a robot do whatever they want, they are giving evidence for their choice and preparing to write opinion or persuasive pieces for these topics! It's great for an engaging activity for these units, and also a fun way to get kids' brains thinking about justifying their responses.

Teach students how to write a statement to express their choice and then give reasons in detail sentences. This easily becomes a paragraph and a great foundation for an opinion piece! 

#2 Class party activity or social meetings
If you're looking for something engaging for your students to do during one of your class parties, Would You Rather is perfect. If you have parents present and helping, how fun would it be for them to answer some questions as well? I'm sure the kids will get a kick out of that! 

#1 Brain breaks
After virtual learning and shifting between virtual and in-person learning, kids need to take a break here and there during the school day! Brain breaks will be a MUST, and often! Studies show those few minutes we spend engaging kids in something different actually increase their attention and focus during focused learning times! 

One way way to get kids moving and give them a fun break is to do a quick couple of Would You Rather questions to give students a brain break as they hop in place. It gets the oxygen flowing to their brains again and it's fun! 
The best part? There are Would You Rather slides for...
 A computer with a would you rather question on the screen, and text that reads: Get the Slides!
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