Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Establishing credibility as a new coach: Growing As an Instructional Coach Series

I have a hard truth to tell you. I don't know if you'll like it, but it must be said.

Not everyone is going to be excited to work with you.

I know! How shocking! But it's true! Think about it: have you been over the moon excited to work with everyone you've come in contact with? I'm gonna guess that answer is no.

And that's normal! It's normal for the teachers you're working with, too. They might not be too excited to work with you.

When you're starting out as a new coach, on a new campus, or with new faculty, there are a few things that should happen simultaneously in order for you to show that you're credible and a valuable asset to teachers' work.

1. Value them first.
2. Add value to their work.
3. Build a personal(ish) relationship. 

1. Value them first.
No one wants to work with someone who doesn't appreciate them. The best first step in establishing your own credibility and value is to value teachers first. This can be done in a few different ways:
  • Visit classrooms a few times just to leave happy, positive notes about great things you see going on. (This can be a bit stressful at first if you're at a school that has never had classroom visits. Check out my post later in this series about visiting classrooms and talk to your principal first!)  
  • Ask for teacher input when you see they have a strength. For example, if you visit Ms. Tenaka's classroom, and she has an awesome word study routine, ask her about it! Ask what resources she uses, how she chooses words, why she does what she does, and what impact it has on the kids! You'll want to encourage her to share her expertise to benefit others.
  • Really listen to find out what challenges they have. You can use this to help them find solutions or to serve as a liaison to administration. Some challenges might be lack of resources, confusion about inconsistent expectations, struggles with managing behaviors in their classrooms, or fuzziness on instructional strategies. Understanding this can help you respond to it effectively.
Why is this important to establishing credibility? No one wants to listen to someone they dislike. People generally don't like people who don't like them!

2. Add value to their work.

To add value to their work, seek out an area where you can be of service. Some ways to start might be:
  • Provide a survey to find out what challenges teachers have so you can think about how you can support them.
  • Ask them what kinds of coaching support would be the most helpful to them and have them respond individually (not as a group). This could be a survey or a checklist.
  • Provide a coaching menu or bank of services you are prepared to offer.
  • Recommend books or resources that are immediately relevant to what they're teaching/doing.
  • Help them solve a problem they have by sharing a solution, helping out, or communicating effectively to administration (without selling anyone out!)
  • Offer to read aloud to their kids. Then do an incredible job! Model your expertise and teaching personality. Share your best strategies.
Adding value means being honest about what you can and can't do. Don't make it up! If you're unsure about something, say that you'll do a little reading to be able to support your teacher.

 3. Build a personal(ish) relationship
This one should be obvious, but sometimes it's hard to do. If you're working with a whole batch of new people, it can be a challenge to get to know each one. But keep it simple. You don't have to take everyone out for margaritas (although, I will say, a margarita never hurt)! Just share things about yourself as they become relevant, ans ask them questions about themselves. Find something to connect with each teacher on and refer back to it.

These three steps are easy to do and will help you get started building credibility and a positive relationship with teachers to build good coaching work on.

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