Saturday, March 21, 2015

Biography Museum!

When we were planning our biography unit, we scoured pinterest to find the most interesting, engaging, and purposeful way for students to demonstrate their learning about important people. Using a pin we found here we decided to have students create an interactive biography board!

Students researched an important and interesting person to gather information about their lives: birth, important events and contributions, and their current status or death.  

We wanted students to do a little rigorous thought by having them speak from the perspective of their important person. To do this, they had to practice saying, "My most important contribution was..." and "When I was young,..."

Each class made their boards a little bit differently - the variety was great! Students from each class presented to the other classes.

One of our adorable teachers saved the lids from her baby food jars and painted them red. They glued them onto the boards and this became the "Go" button! When the students were ready to present, the listener walked up and pushed the "Go" button. This was the cue for the presenter to share their biographical information!

It was a fun, interactive learning experience that gave students the opportunity to share their learning!

Looking for some other fun projects to teach biography? Check out my Biography Teaching Tools: Graphic Organizers and Projects for third and fourth grade!
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