Thursday, September 5, 2013

Fiction is all about Character! *Freebie!

My teachers grades 3 - 5 are working hard on introducing fiction to their kids. We've built in tons of read alouds and shared reading experiences to help kids practice noticing, finding evidence, and making inferences about characters.
To do this, we're using a few tools.

This is a sample anchor chart we created to help kids focus on looking for specific things while analyzing characters.

It was a lot to fit on one chart, but we did it!

To focus on character conflicts, we created a foldable and a simple graphic organizer. 

Outside of foldable

Inside of foldable

Grab it here for free on GoogleDrive!

These are some charts we've used at other times to support character analysis:

Find more great information about Fiction being all about character here:
Teaching That Makes Sense. Click on "The 5 facts of fiction!"

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  1. WOW...way to dig into the text and analyze the characters!

    1. Thanks! We're hoping a strong focus on character will support student understanding of fiction!

  2. I LOVE this post and have pinned your anchor chart and one of the foldables. Thanks for the freebie! Keep up the HEART work!!

    The Corner On Character