Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Water, Water Everywhere! Water Cycle & Weather Pack *Freebie!

I'm pretty excited about my new water cycle and weather pack, Water, Water Everywhere!
It's over 80 pages of printable materials to work with the water cycle and weather! I've used these ideas in my own classroom, and it's one of the things I miss! The water cycle was such a simple and fun concept to teach. And weather is exciting! 

This investigation was always so simple but so enlightening for kids!

Water Cycle Craftivity

Cloud Types Folded Flip Book

I have... Who has...

The complete pack at TPT includes...

*Water Cycle & Weather Word Wall Cards
*Water Cycle Poster
*Frayer Model for Vocabulary: (Weather, Climate, Evaporation, Condensation, Precipitation, Accumulation)
*Water Cycle in a Bottle Investigation (instructions, setup, and handouts included)
*Water Cycle Folded Flip Book
*Water Droplet Shape Book
*Water Cycle Mobile Craftivity
*Water Cycle Song
*Water Cycle Reader’s Theater
*Water Cycle Mix-Mingle-Team Up Activity (24 cards)
*Water Cycle Comic Strip
*Water Cycle Diagram Cut & Paste
*Water Cycle Quiz & Matching Handout
*Cloud Types Article
*Cloud Types Chart: Cut & Paste
*Cloud Types Folded Flip Book
*Weather Acrostic Poem
*Weather Jigsaw Activity (Includes readings, handouts, 
and scoring guides)
*Daily Weather Log
*Water Cycle/Weather I Have... Who Has... (24 cards)
*Bonus: Internet Resources & Webquest

And grab your freebie at TPT too! This freebie set includes a water cycle poster, a water cycle song (color and B&W versions), and a cut & paste water cycle diagram! 

Want to see more about how I teach the water cycle? Check it out here on the blog!

Happy Teaching!
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