Friday, March 15, 2013

More STAAR Revision & Editing Preparation! *Freebie!

Just a little update! We are hurtling towards the Writing STAAR in Texas, and I've been pulling out students to work with in a writing class. It's been a challenge to cram so much into such a short amount of time, but I've really enjoyed putting together some lessons and modeling the writing process for the kids. 

Test-taking writing stinks, but writing itself is so much fun to teach. I think so, anyway.

This week, we continued with the third lesson from my Revising & Editing Lessons pack (freebie below)! 

I found a yellow pocket chart and it made things sooo much easier. No more taping to the board for me! So I wrote the sentences from the lesson on sentence strips to build the paragraph. The first day we worked with verb tense. 

The kids used the context of the sentence to choose the correct tense of many verbs, including find/found, use/used/using, are/were. 

To prepare for Tuesday, I cut words that had homophones out of the sentences. Then I wrote the homophone pairs on cards and we decided which belonged in the sentence. We chose between our/are, their/they're/there, and it's/its. 

On Tuesdays, my buddy is unavailable to help with the group, so our lovely principal stepped in! She even explained to the kids about how important it is to stop and think about whether the "it's/its" in the sentence means "it is" or "belongs to it". I think that's a valuable life lesson. Let's just say I know a lot of adults who don't take the time to check before they send an email!

In case this sounds like something you'd like to try out in your own classroom, I put together a new freebie pack!

It includes the lessons, how to prepare, and pictures of the first lesson's delivery!
Grab it free at TPT or Teacher's Notebook!

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