Sunday, February 17, 2013

Point of View Freebie!

So last week, one of our lovely teachers was out sick, so I got to teach fifth grade Saturday School!

Eek! It was fun, though. I got to plan a little lesson about explaining different forms of third person points of view.

This was kind of a neat lesson to do, because I hadn't taught that in fourth grade - we just differentiated between first person and third person.

I shared three different versions of the same short story, first. It was the same events told from the three different points of view.

We identified the differences between the three and marked them with colored markers.

Then we used these differences to explain which point of view each story was written from and added them to our anchor chart.

I put red lips on who was telling the story. The red lips are on the character in the first person, but they'e on the sidelines in both third person forms. The yellow shows whose thoughts you know. In first and third person limited, you know only the main character's thoughts, but in third person omniscient, you know other characters' as well!

After we made our chart and used the stories to create clues to look for, I had students practice with the materials I found here for 2.50 on TPT. They're simple paragraphs designed for students to use the clues to sort. We created a tree map with the paragraphs and highlighted the evidence.

Below is the freebie pack I revised for TPT! Please check it out and download. includes the three versions of the story I used, the sample anchor chart, and some printable posters for first person, third person, third person limited, and third person omniscient!

And if you're interested in working with point of view, check out my my Analyzing Point of View Strategy MiniPack on TPT.

Have fun teaching point of view!

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