Monday, December 24, 2012

The Twelve Days of Christmas Brea

It is officially Christmas break. I say that it's official today because normally I'd be at work, and today, I'm sitting. I went to make cookies at my moms, and I ate about 10% of the cookies myself. And then I came home and sat.

It's wonderful. 

As I've sat here, I thought a little bit about what my plans are for this break. I decided to share these plans with you. In the form of a song.

Twelve Days of Christmas Break

On the twelfth day of Christmas break, I will have ...
drank 12 cups of coffee (with whipped cream all over)
eaten 11 (different types of) cookies
watched 10 episodes of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
listened to Charlie Brown Christmas 9 times
worn 8 different pairs of pajama bottoms... as pants
consumed 7 alcoholic beverages (that number 7 is arbitrary and does not actually represent my alcoholic consumption.
visited 6 family households 
finished wrapping the last 5 presents
mailed 4 boxes (of gifts that won't arrive until after Christmas, so I'm a horrible friend)
taken 3 walks (because I feel guilty about the eleven types of cookies)
read 2 books (that I chose to read for myself!)
and gone to see the Hobbit ONCE!

I hope your plans are just as lazy as mine :)
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  1. OH, yeah...I broke out the half and half for my coffee, too! (Back to milk right after the holidays.)

    Enjoy your well-deserved break and thank you for a great 12 days...glad I didn't miss any!

  2. Thank you for your awesome blog and materials on TPT. Everything I have bought from you has fit perfectly with our curriculum and my kids beg for your centers. Thank you also for the AMAZING FREEBIES. Merry Christmas!!! :-)

  3. Love your list of things you'll be doing on break!! So cute and funny!!
    Merry Christmas!!

  4. WOW! Thanks for the great product! I'm working on Author's Purpose with my 3rd graders so this is perfect. The 12 Days of Christmas break is so cute! I'll be drinking lots of coffee too! LOL! Enjoy your time off!
    Beach Sand and Lesson Plans

  5. Sweet Chrissy:

    Thanks for keeping me smiling with your Christmas blog posts! I love your Christmas Break summary--especially the pajama pants part!
    Sending you Merry Christmas blessings and wishes for a very Happy New Year!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade


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