Wednesday, December 19, 2012

On the seventh day of Christmas, Ms. B gave to ME

On the seventh day of Christmas, Ms. B gave to me... a short silly story, and a Christmas number line activity!

So yesterday's post happened with only a freebie and no bonus writing from me. I didn't hear anyone complain, exactly, but you know, I noticed it.

This is a short and current story.

Today, my hunnybun was doing a photo shoot for a Christmas card. The family posed in front of a Christmas tree and the little boy, about three years old, smiled as children do when told to smile. After several minutes of trying to get everyone's eyes open, while looking in the same direction and displaying some sort of smile, a suitable picture was obtained. 

While his parents waited for the pictures to be edited (read: photoshopped), the little boy went over to the candy bowl. It was full of little Hershey's chocolates. He asked his mother if he could have one. 

"Yes," she said, "but say thank you first."

He turned quickly, shouted out, "THANK YOU FIRST!" and grabbed a chocolate from the bowl.


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  1. I tried to download this from TPT, but it hasn't been set to free yet. :( I tried to download yesterday's freebie last night but the site was having issues and I got an error message each time. :( I'll keep trying though!

    1. Thanks for letting me know! I fixed the problem with today's freebie earlier, but I'm not sure what happened yesterday.

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  3. I like your little stories...keep 'em coming. Here's one from me (not that you asked, but anyhoo...) When I was little, I called raisins 'sums' and my parents could not figure out why. Then they realized whenever they offered me any, they held out the box and asked, "Would you like some?" So I totally get why your hunnybun repeated what he heard!

  4. Can you check over your patterns? Some of them don't seem to be correct.