Thursday, December 13, 2012

On the second day of Christmas, Ms. B gave to me...

On the second day of Christmas, Ms. B gave to me... a useful list, and a cute winter themed freebie!
It's Day Two of the Twelve Days of Christmas! I suppose I could give you two turtledoves, but I don't think anyone really has much use for two turtledoves. That's a lot of poop, no matter how careful you are.

Useful List

The internet is abuzz with clever ways to make your elf on the shelf do naughty and clever things every night while your darling children are asleep dreaming of sugarplums. Everything is muy adorable, involving marshmallow snowballs and miniature scissors made of paperclips or something. 
However, I don't have my own personal children, and in the classroom (no offense to those of you who have an elf on a classroom shelf) I couldn't see myself dedicating the time necessary to move him around, place him in incriminating positions, and do all the naughty stuff that he supposedly did, all just to manipulate my kids into being good. I can find waaaay easier ways to do that.
But if I did have an elf, in case I ever find it necessary to terrify my kids into behaving, I have put together a couple of ideas that might just work with naughty children.
7. Melt him in the oven a bit. Leave him on the floor, surrounded with matches. "That's why you don't play with fire."
6. Leave little pieces of Elf clothes in the dog's food bowl. "It's important to be nice to animals."
5. Glue his palms and face to the inside of the oven door so he stares out in terror. "Hot in there, Crumpet?"
4. X out his eyes and lay him next to a half-empty glass of egg nog. "Gluttony is a sin."

3. Wrap him up in Christmas lights and tape his mouth shut. "Nobody likes a snitch."

2. Bury him neck-deep in marshmallow fluff. "That's what happens when you cross Santa."

1. Float him facedown in the toilet. "Santa doesn't like liars, kids."


Today's Christmas-y freebie is my Winter Themed Roll and Color Math Boards from TPT. Grab them for free (in honor of two turtledoves) until midnight tonight!

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  1. I am unable to get your freebie - it is showing a charge??? Any ideas?? Thanks for your help and thoughtfulness!! Stephanie

  2. Stephanie,

    The item was up for free only on December 13. Today's freebie, though is up on the most recent post if you'd like to check out that one!