Wednesday, October 3, 2012 cell phone is lost.

Currently, I am absolutely freaking out.

I can't find my cell phone.

This is not a common problem. I usually have a very good idea of where my phone is. Unfortunately, this is not a usual month. My brain is getting less and less able to understand the world around it. For instance, the other morning, I walked out of the house and towards the car. I clicked the little "unlock" button. And then I clicked it again. I stood next to the car and stared at the lock through the window.

It didn't move. 

I clicked again.

It didn't move.

I looked at the clicker. I clicked it again.

I looked at the car. And realized that it didn't belong to me. 
It was my boyfriend's car. It is a different size, shape, and color than my car. And it was parked in a different place. And it took me several minutes to notice.
Today has not been better. As I drove up to the house, I noticed that my trash can was still down on the street from yesterday when the trash collectors picked it up. So I parked, walked down to the can, and dragged it up the driveway. As I was setting up the can, I dropped my phone onto the driveway. Then I picked it up and set it on top of the can. I went back to the car, grabbed my bag and purse, and then picked up my phone from the lid of the can. 

I unlocked the front door and came inside. I changed out of my skirt into some shorts and went to get my phone to tell my hunnybun I was home.

And it was gone.

It disappeared. It disintegrated. It evaporated. It spontaneously combusted. It is gone.

And I'm freaking out. I already spent an hour searching. Car, driveway, trash can, bedroom, trash can, driveway, car. Nope. I sent my hunny two emails, one facebook post, and four instant messages to call it. Nope. These are my what-ifs.
-What if I accidentally dropped it into the sink and it's been under water for three hours?
- What if I dropped it on my driveway (again) and a kid picked it up?
- What if I left it in a pocket and I'll forget about it and wash it in the washer?
- What if I dropped it somewhere and I'll run it over or step on it?
- What if it dies before I find it and I never find it again?

That's a lot of worries.

So currently, I'm stressed.
I'm also other things. Check them out in my Currently from Farley!
*UPDATE: Just found it. My hunny got home and made me retrace my steps. And I found it.....
in the recycle bin. Apparently, I tossed a soda can in there after I threw trash in the trash can. And I tossed my phone in there.
How embarrassing. And scary, too.

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  1. I hope you find it soon. It's a horrible feeling. I need to clean my house too. BOO

  2. Stop looking for it and it will turn up - isn't that the old saying? ;) Hoping you find it - and I too need to clean!!!

  3. I loose my phone all the time! I call myself, people call me, text me and my phone is on vibrate...somewhere. I hope you find yours soon.
    My Second Sense

  4. Glad I am not the only one with memory issues .....I looked all over for my sunglasses of the students pointed out they were on my head.....Oy....I too need to clean......but this whole Currently set me behind :)

  5. Oh no! I hope you find it. I would be a WRECK. My life is on that phone!

    Extra Special Teaching

  6. I lose EVERYTHING on a regular basis. I just put things down and don't pay any attention to what I'm doing. Glad you found your phone though!

    Don't Let The Teacher Stay Up Late

  7. I lose my phone like it's my JOB. I wish I got paid for that. :)

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  8. Love your what-ifs!!!!! So glad you found it!!! I have lost mine before...except that I was talking on it. I said (on my cell) to my twin, "I can't find my cell phone!" as I frantically searched for it. She was the voice of reason.

  9. I lost my glasses once and I found them in the shower. It took a week. Yeah, I've had that kind of day :)


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