Sunday, November 20, 2011

Water, water everywhere

Everyone's posts have been so delightfully turkey-ish that I feel silly about my water cycle! But that's what I had to teach last week in science. The kids had a LOT of background knowledge from the investigations we did about changes in states of matter, and from second and first grade. 

So first, we did a graffiti gallery walk to activate background knowledge. I put four charts around the room with four different pictures, but no labels: a cloud with raindrops, arrows pointing towards a forming cloud, a water running down a hill into a lake, and a sun shining down on water with arrows pointing up. The kids moved in groups throughout the room, writing what they saw and knew about the pictures. They already knew a lot!

Next, we watched a Brainpop jr. about the water cycle.

Then, we made these foldables!

I heart foldables :)

In our ensuing conversations, I was enlightened about what my kids do outside when it rains.

"What's precipitation?" one of the kids asked.

"It's any form of water falling from the clouds to the earth, like rain, sleet, snow, or hail," I said.

"What's hail?" one of the other kids asked.

"It's like a ball of ice."

"Yeah," one of the kids said, "and it's a choking hazard." Dead. Serious. What the WHAT?!

I expected the other kids to laugh, but they mostly just nodded. I chuckled and asked, "A choking hazard?"

"Yup." Apparently, when it's raining (and even when it's almost bad enough to hail!) my students stand outside, staring up at the sky with their mouths wide open, in danger of choking on hail.

My job is awesome.

For this folded flapbook and so many more cool activities for teaching the water cycle and weather, check out my Water, Water Everywhere Unit on TPT!


  1. Hi! how did you fold the paper like that? did you cut it?

    1. I did cut the sheet of paper into a square and then I folded each corner into the middle. The template is also included in my Water, Water Everywhere Pack:

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