Sunday, November 13, 2011

Reading: Character Study & Guided Reading Freebies

So, I've been a little (lot) nutty today and I spend a little (ton of) time updating some of my files and making them more interesting to look at. This one is a character study organizer that can be used when you're looking to identify character change caused by a turning point event. Take it if you want it! Please just comment to let me know. :)

My character study strategy minipack is available on TPT - full of tools for teaching students to analyze characters! Download the preview for two printable anchor charts and to see what's included in the product!

Also, here's my guided reading chart - I got the idea from my friend Judy who has kids color in their reading levels as they reach in another level, and I just typed it up. It's a nice motivator and a way for kids to be accountable for their effort and growth during guided reading. (Based on DRA reading levels)

Guided Reading Freebie Pack
This tracker is part of the freebie! Check it out on TPT!


  1. Love your Character Change map. I teach 3rd grade too.
    I'm glad I found your blog.


    Yearn to Learn Blog

  2. We're using the character study thing tonight as part of a look at super heroes and villains that my 7yo requested to do in our homeschool. Thanks!

  3. Your character change map is just what I needed to work on our common core standard RL2.3. Thank you!


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